Wednesday, September 9, 2009

{Tidbits of information}

Today MOPS begins! I am sure all of you moms are looking forward to a time of refreshing fellowship. I have said a prayer for you this morning. There is room for you. . . come next time if you weren't able to make it today.

Crafty Critters ~ Tonight we will be talking about how God made the food we eat. We are very thankful for our food. We will be coloring yellow bananas, red apples, and purple grapes. It will be fun!

Wellness Policy ~ I sent a letter to Dr. White yesterday asking if he would review our policy. I want to make sure we don't need to ad or take away any of our guidelines. During the winter months please be extra sensitive to how your child feels. Please keep them at home for rest if they have been under the weather. We will continue to provide a safe and healthy nursery.

Nursery Schedule ~ You help is very much needed and appreciated. Please continue to trade or call me if you are unable to serve your scheduled time. Do your best not to "no show". . .

Look forward to seeing you tonight!

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