Thursday, September 24, 2009

{Meet & Greet}

Remember when you load your crew up Sunday . . .

We will have our "Meet & Greet" Policy in place.
This is an effort to protect little fingers and toes.
It will also ad extra security.
This may take a bit to get off the ground. It will be a challenge when a caregiver may need to tend to an upset child, and such, but overall I feel like if we can all work together this will simplify our drop-off and pick-up. Conjested hallways and overcrowded rooms can be overwhelming to infants and toddlers. We want to create a more peaceful enviroment and transition. If possible, sending only one parent to pick up will also reduce traffic, BUT that change isnt necessary at this time.

Nurseries A & B if you are unable to fill out your "Care Sheets" in advance, we will have extras available at the Welcome Desk.

I appreciate all of your support. Room changes, New policies, etc can be a challenge. Greenwood FBC is a growing church. It is an exciting time! With growth, comes change. I am so thankful every Sunday as I continue to meet and see new faces. So what some may view as "Growing Pains" . . . it is God at work. It's a good thing.

We will continue

to strive to make

things better, as we get




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