Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{A Special Day}

You will recieve a certificate and their very first Bible.

Baby Dedications

The act of dedication is no small thing that you do. For truly it means that you are dedicating yourself to the task of raising your child in a Christ-centered home.

Baby dedications are scheduled on Sunday afternoons in a private family setting. Feel free to invite those you would want to share in this very special day. Please contact us to schedule a time.

If you have older siblings that have never been dedicated, please know we would like to include them too. This isnt just limited to infants. We want to be able to offer this special time of prayer and commitment to parents of any age child.

Contact me today to schedule a time!



  1. I just want to say that to say this day is simply "special" is a complete understatement! Ha! I was blown away with it and it is a moment in my Courtney's life that we will never forget. We dedicated Lindsey at a different church before we moved here and it was nothing as special and as worshipful as what we experienced here.

    Tonia and Bro. Ronnie make it so precious, memorable and a true worship experience that I am ESTATIC to get to do it one more time after this baby comes! If you haven't done it, YOU SHOULD!!!

  2. Gee, Thanks Sharon. I thought so. . .thank you for sharing.

    I am blessed to know it touched your heart.