Monday, September 14, 2009

{Please pray}

for my kiddos. Lily crawled in my bed at about 1 AM, crying, "Mom, I'm having bad dreams about alligators". Anyways, she was burning up. I snatched her up and went to the ER. She does have the Flu.

I crawled in bed again at about 5AM this morning, and at 8:30AM my little Buddy says, "Mom, my head hurts." I felt of him and he is roasting. We see Dr. at 11AM. I do believe I have 2 kiddos with the flu at this point. . .

I will sure do my best to share some photos later, but I am busy being super-mom today.
Love, Tonia


  1. OH my goodness Tonia! I am praying for your kids!!! I pray for a quick recovery!!!!!

  2. Hope they're feeling better soooon! And praying you don't get sick, too!