Monday, June 25, 2012


Doing Ministry with Kids is FUN!!

JUMP on our team this fall!!


Lead Teacher Nursery C Love these sweet little ones as they grow to trust us just as they will someday trust and know the Lord. (Crawling-Walkers) 9:15 & 10:45

Lead Teacher Nursery F Busy, Busy, Busy! These kiddos are ready to learn and be loved! Minimal planning! All supplies provided! (Young 2’s) 9:15-10:45

Early Preschool

3 Lead Teachers You will serve as a “Team Teacher”. This group of kiddos
enjoy crafts, music, puppets, and action Bible Stories! (2’S/3’S) 9:15 & 10:45

“Music Fun!” Leader Can you sing praises to the Lord? Of course you can! Teach our 2’s to make a joyful noise! 10:45 (15 minute segment)

“Puppet Time” Leader Puppets are already in place. This person will take our puppets on the road to local daycares, churches, or rest homes. A misson opportunity at its finest. This person will also coordinate Sunday morning puppet shows. Way fun! 10:45 (15 minute segment)

“Goldfish Manager” Can you serve up some mean snacks? Food has the power to grab attention when traditional Christian Bible lessons aren't resonating with a child. Come be our Snack time Coordinator, you will plan fun snacks that coordinate with our lessons. Pita Ark, anyone? 10:45 (15 minute segment)

Tonia Hobbs
Director of Nursery Ministries
FBC Greeenwood

Monday, June 18, 2012

{VBS Fun!}

Last week was a great time in our nursery! I was able to keep 
these little ones while Mom was serving at VBS! 
Please remember our opportunities to serve in the
"Early Preschool" starting in August. 
Please call me for more information!
Have a wonderful week!