Saturday, September 12, 2009

{Good Eats from God}

We had a great time Wednesday learning about

Good Food God Made!

He made it for us.

He loves us.

He made us.

We are special.

Our hands were held high to make the Sun, and put stars in the sky. . . we had a ball! I am loving being in the classroom with these little ones.

I look forward to Wednesday Nights when I can spend some one-on-one time with the Critters.

I put a picture of the dry erase board to let ya' know that is my "work-out" for the week. No need to go to the gym.

Changing that many diapers will do! Amen, Kay and Dana!

Miss Courtney so proud of her orange slice that God made for her!

Sweet Hayes working so hard on his grapes!

Mrs. DeAnna worked hard in the hallway getting our good food in our bodies.

This made some of the kids sleepy! It was so cute.

Ms. Bobbi did a great job tracing!

Sorry, picture is blurred, but to cute to pass up.

See you tomorrow kiddos!
Love From all of us!!
Mrs. DeAnna Rouse
Mrs. Tonia Hobbs
Ms. Bobbi Brown
Ms. Rachel Grigg
The Crafty Critter Crew

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