Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{Yay for Crafty Critters!!}

We had so much fun tonight!!
New puzzles and books!

This fun activity won the prize though!
All night we talked about all the animals God created!
Each child got a spray bottle with water in it.
We froze these little animals in the water.
As they sprayed and the ice melted, each little animal surfaced!
It was a fun time!
The kiddos enjoyed taking their animal home.

Sweet little hands. . .

Please come back next week!
There is more fun to be had!
Correction on the room: I apologize. I didn't consider needing a restroom for the older kiddos. We will meet in Nursery E every week.
Thank you!

Also, another correction!! Did I tell you guys Jasper is getting tubes? It is Hudson! He goes in tomorrow morning at 6 am. Please remember him. Please forgive me. . . brain lapse.

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  1. I could tell Piper really enjoyed church lastnight! Thank you!