Sunday, August 2, 2009

{Okay, so I am thinking. . .}

that I might need some prayer.

Lets face it, you all know I have the heart and spirit, but no BRAIN. So since school is starting and all of our ministries are gearing up for FALL. I am just overwhelmed with excitement, but the little bit of brain I have, cant keep up. Soooo, I have all these wonderful ideas, and I need to start carving things in stone. Meet with my folks. Buy supplies. Order this and that. Take a CPR course. Staff meeting. Staff retreat. Get all organized. Take a breath of fresh air. Ready. Set. Go. Right?

I am one to follow through. I like follow through. I thrive on "getting the job done right." With God's help, of course.

God first. Me last.

I am telling you that motto will get you through even the thickest of thickets.

How can you pray for me?

Pray for we! Pray for all of our leaders. Pray for fun Christ-centered activities. Pray for little ones to come and hear. Pray that your crazy nursery director can focus on the task before her. .

I love you all.

Love, Tonia

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