Sunday, August 23, 2009

{Icky Bugs}

Get well Mr. Andy & Hailee. We missed you today.

We had a good day at church.
I did miss alot of your babies smiling faces.
I sure hope there isn't alot of illness going around.
I know Mr. Andy isn't feeling well. It seems the weather is changing, and with school starting, icky bugs start going around.
Please remember our wellness policy. We are very strict to abide by that.
Also, please let us know if you would like us to pray for your little one if they are under the weather. I will sure do my best to keep up. I may have you praying for the wrong sibling, but I WILL try! LOL! Sorry S. Meeker!
  • Hudson Meeker is doing well since his surgery.
  • The Smiths had their baby.
  • The Crumbs had their baby.
  • Emily Williams had tubes, and still seems a little restless, so please remember her in your prayers.
  • E. Brinkley seems good too!
  • Remember to pray for nursery volunteers and leaders.

We could use a few more hands. . . to take care of all these little feet!

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