Thursday, July 23, 2009

{Help us to minister, not babysit}

It is amazing just how much little ones can learn! They are little sponges ready to absorb God's word. I have found that our little "crawlers" enjoy learning and being taught just as much as the older ones!
We start using in Nursery B. This program uses objects such as flowers, ducks, puppies, and Bibles along with music & songs to teach about Jesus and His Love. It is repetitive, so the babies are familiar with the activity each week. Repetition is the best way for little ones to learn. We are excited to have such a great tool available to us. It is very important to us that we start ministering as soon as an infant arrives!
The way we minister to infants in Nursery A (0-6 months) is by showing love and affection. We also provide a very safe and secure environment. The very trust they learn to have in us now, is the same trust they will have in the Lord later on in their lives.
The ducks and fish swim in the water God made.

Miss C and Mr H are really studying Jesus' face. Aren't they?

God made puppies.

These little ones are brushing their hair and teeth getting ready for Sunday School. . . or Life Group!

Mrs. Dana & Mr. Clays Class

Thank you, team leaders, for being so faithful to lead the children every week.

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