Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Mr. C ~ Updates ~ 5th Sunday ~ Schedules~ Puppets}

This little sweetheart (Caden) has pneumonia. Please stay a prayer for him today.
Update: Emily W. was able to come home last night! I haven't heard from her mommy today, but I will keep you posted!
5th Sunday Schedule with go out in the mail today.
I am currently working on the FEBRUARY SCHEDULE, it will be much like January. . . so PLEASE let me know if you need to make changes ASAP.
Please pray for our "puppet ministry". We are involving some Youth and Middle School Students. They are excited and full of energy. Encourage them when they bring the Puppet Crew to your nursery door.

I seen Debbie Grays fb status which said, "Micheal was out of surgery, sitting up talking!!"
Thank you Lord!
Pray for Micheal.

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