Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 Checklist
Invite a friend to serve with you in the nursery!
                      Most often people just simply need to be asked to be apart.  This year please be our “eyes” to spot people that might like to serve with us! Simply bring them on our scheduled time.
       Jot down our fellowships this year and join us as often as you can!
                      It is our desire to reach out! We want to spend
 time with your kiddos, and we want to spend time with you too!
Blizzard beach volleyball is our 1st scheduled event!
Pray for safety for our children.
                      Pray that with the lords help we can look after all our
little ones and keep each one safe and secure.
Pray about a commitment.
                                       We have service opportunities in both ministries, every Sunday & Wednesday. . . Every week, of every month of each year. 
These little ones feel less stress when they see a familiar face. 
 We desire for them to have same leader each week. 

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