Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{How about NO DATE. . .??}

Dear Parents, Caregivers, & Friends of 2nd Street,

Hello! We are very excited to report that we are coming along great preparing 2nd Street for our 2’s, but we have two very important things that will take a bit longer. . . Paint & Check-in Desk!

Our cabinet maker expressed he would be complete on the 15th, but to avoid any more confusion I don't want to announce another “move date” just yet. We will continue to work hard and will announce a date when all the projects are complete.

I apologize for any confusion and appreciate your patience!

If you were scheduled to work 2nd Street in September please disregard at this time. We do have some needs the last Sunday of the month in the nursery. Please volunteer to help if you are able! Thank you!

Tonia Hobbs Director of Nursery & 2nd Street Ministries
Lyndi Bracamontes 2nd Street Coordinator

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