Monday, June 25, 2012


Doing Ministry with Kids is FUN!!

JUMP on our team this fall!!


Lead Teacher Nursery C Love these sweet little ones as they grow to trust us just as they will someday trust and know the Lord. (Crawling-Walkers) 9:15 & 10:45

Lead Teacher Nursery F Busy, Busy, Busy! These kiddos are ready to learn and be loved! Minimal planning! All supplies provided! (Young 2’s) 9:15-10:45

Early Preschool

3 Lead Teachers You will serve as a “Team Teacher”. This group of kiddos
enjoy crafts, music, puppets, and action Bible Stories! (2’S/3’S) 9:15 & 10:45

“Music Fun!” Leader Can you sing praises to the Lord? Of course you can! Teach our 2’s to make a joyful noise! 10:45 (15 minute segment)

“Puppet Time” Leader Puppets are already in place. This person will take our puppets on the road to local daycares, churches, or rest homes. A misson opportunity at its finest. This person will also coordinate Sunday morning puppet shows. Way fun! 10:45 (15 minute segment)

“Goldfish Manager” Can you serve up some mean snacks? Food has the power to grab attention when traditional Christian Bible lessons aren't resonating with a child. Come be our Snack time Coordinator, you will plan fun snacks that coordinate with our lessons. Pita Ark, anyone? 10:45 (15 minute segment)

Tonia Hobbs
Director of Nursery Ministries
FBC Greeenwood

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