Sunday, May 16, 2010

{The Reeves Rock!!}

Meet Dana & Clay Reeves!
They are our 9:15 Life Group Leaders for our 2's.
Dana & Clay have served for years. . .
and years. . .

in our nursery.
They love and care for all these kids so much!
Me & Sara
Their 2 girls, Sara & Meredith, are really great too!
Dana & Clay~
Thank you for being so great!
Thank you for being so faithful to our nursery!
We all appreciate you very much!
We love your family.
Not only are your taking care of others children, you are
teaching your children how to be servants for Christ.
You are showing them obedience.
May God Bless You in a Mighty Way. . .
Love, Tonia


  1. AMEN!! The Reeves do rock and I have told them that they better be around when Whitney moves up!