Saturday, October 17, 2009

{Faces of people who love your children}

These are just a few of the faces of people who love your children.
Our plan and vision is to have a "Team Leader" or "Life Group Leader" in each room, and partner them with parent volunteers.
At this time we are seeking Team Leaders, but I just want to say, "Parents we love you!" Thank you for all of your help and support!
Our nursery depends on you!
And so do our kiddos!!!
We have a lesson plan in place for both 9:15 and 10:30.
We want to show Jesus even to our littlest ones.
If we don't get a "formal lesson" accomplished every Sunday because children have different needs, we adjust. Some days it may be a simple, "Jesus Loves you so much, and so do I." We want to provide comfort and care, and by doing so they see Jesus in us!

So, thank you!

Thank you all so much!

If you are not currently serving in our nursery, and you have a child in our nursery, I will approach you real soon, or come see me!
All parents with children in our nursery serve on a rotation, during the service of their choice.
This way we can all work together.
Everyone has been more than willing to do their part, and it seems that we have created a great team!
Come join us!
We love new faces!
Who could resist these little sweet smiles??

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